Raya Island

Raya Island Tour - Coral Island

Raya Island Tour - Coral Islands

The easiest and fastest ways to get to any of the islands off the coast of Phuket is by speed boat and takes about 30-40 mins by speed boat to get to the first destination Racha Yai Island. One of the most islands is also usually your first stop on your tour as Racha Yai Island is located just 24 km south east of Chalong pier but it’s Batok Bay is renowned for it’s white power sand, crystal clear sea and the most amazing snorkeling & diving conditions. The wide bay of Batok offers visitors beautiful white sandy beaches that stretches 900 meters across to welcome you to paradise.

While it’s very tranquil during busier parts of the year if you want to escape to a less busy beach then Siam Beach is just a few minutes walk away over over a ridge, as Siam Beach is not yet developed and features a beautfil tranquil beach with a few buildings and restaurants and no tourist boats. The beaches on Racha Yai Island are surely some of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket as you can see from the photo gallery below and if you have the budget why not consider staying overnight on the island at “The Racha”.

The next part of your trip takes you to Raya islands (or Racha) which is just 12 kilometres south of Phuket but offers visitors excellent diving and snorkelling tours within it’s main bay Ao Tawan Tok (or Ao Bungalow). The waters of Raya island are extermely clear and offer perfect snorkelling conditions for almost everyone but does get a little crowded later in the afternoon when the slower day tour boats start to arrive. Our advice is that it’s best to take a speed boat tour out and arrive earlier in the day to get to experience the islands in all their tranquil beauty.


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